Friday, 23 September 2016

Featured Book: River Steel by Shayne Ford

River Steel is a twenty-seven-year-old wealthy man and the front man of a successful rock band. Despite his good looks, talent and worldwide success he’s not exactly the typical Rock Star. 

He likes to do things his own way while enjoying the perks that come with fame and money. When things begin to shift in his life, he starts to crave something that no money can buy, and soon he learns, finding it may be harder than he thought. 

Layla is a beautiful, shy, twenty-two-year-old photographer whose only family is her best friend, Nora. Although she lives like a hermit, avoiding anything and anyone who could hurt her, faith has a different plan for her when one November night puts her on a collision course with River. 
Hesitant at first, they realize they may have found what they were looking for, but taking that emotional journey together may entail more than they thought. 

Would they learn fast enough? 
Would they do it the right way? 
Would they make their story last? 

River Steel is a love story about finding the courage to pursue your heart and trusting that, in the end, things will turn all right. 

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