Saturday, 6 August 2016

Featured Book: Human by Kaim Lugo

Bay is nineteen as she starts her journey in this twisted plot. She doesn't understand everything she feels but as her feelings progress emotionally and physically when she meets and falls in love with beautiful, young, and well off Daniel. She discovers herself with this man and finds her more humane side as her story and Daniel's unravel. The closer she gets to his family, the farther she gets from her own. 
Bay can't fathom the realities of her own life with finding out her name may not even be hers, she pushes away from her father and falls into a world of constant danger of her own life without truly knowing how much danger she can really be in. As tensions raise and when Bay starts feeling sick she received unexpected news of carrying Daniel's baby which change everything. Her bond with Daniel get stronger and her family starts seeming insignificant as she gets more an move involved with Daniel and his very personable father and lucid mother. Hugo, Daniel's father becomes more of a father figure for Bay, he includes her in his very private work and she gets more involved than she wants to. She is fascinated by the extent of Hugo's work and meets a secret sister Daniel has, whom she instantly feels connected with. 
As time passes by, she realizes her relationship consist of jealousy, brutal force, and lies. She meets a new love interest which confuses her and unravels feelings for someone when she believes to already love Daniel. As her feelings progress for this man who she works under she connects with him and his compassion. 
After a trip to Hawaii planned by Daniel because of his fear of loosing her take for the worse as Bay's health starts declining. She starts fearing for her life as she gets sick to the point of being bed ridden and Daniel being gone due to work leaving her helpless and alone. 
Upon Daniel's return she has already decided what she is going to do, finding out shocking discoveries about Daniel's lucid mother and his very personable father being not what they seem to be, along with personal discoveries about her own health she finally takes a leap and escapes coming back to a world she is more familiar with. It's going to take a lot more than just Bay to get her away from all the evil around her. She has a lot more than just her to think about, and needs to make a decision for her and her child.

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