Saturday, 6 August 2016

Featured Book: The Sapio Submissive by Ronda DeMure

Single since her divorce years ago, Lydia's life is mostly occupied with business success and she has no wish to marry again, but there is a gnawing void in her life that the conventional world of dating with its superficial conversations and focus on the trivial cannot fill. She requires intelligence, but most of the men she meets are as intellectually unstimulating as the unimaginative sex that goes with them. She therefore decides to take a foray into the world of submission and dominance where she meets Duncan, an experienced dominant who is also mentally compatible with her, and she finds she cannot help but adore him. 
Duncan keeps his world of dominance and submission completely separate from his very visible real world and relegates the people he meets to either one side of his life or the other. Lydia may be his perfect submissive, but she would have to remain in that secret compartment and have no impact on the rest of his life if he is to continue with her. As his growing feelings for her become more and more apparent, however, the barrier between his two worlds has become uncomfortably blurry. 
Clearly, they must discuss this emotional quandary, but are these two sapiosexuals able to resolve it?

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